Flexwork Program

Promoting flexibility and successful work-life integration.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion means that we also support the differences in work and life styles that our attorneys bring with them to Goodwin. The firm recognizes that some of our attorneys may have personal commitments outside of work that cause them to seek non-traditional or reduced-time schedules. We created a flexible work program called “FlexWork” to support these attorneys. Nearly 10% of Goodwin’s attorneys are on formal FlexWork arrangements, and many other attorneys work flexibly on an informal basis.

Key elements of the program include:

  • Remote work opportunities, alternative hours arrangements and reduced hours arrangements
  • Eligibility from Day 1 post-hire
  • A true-up program to ensure equitable compensation for reduced hours attorneys who work in excess of 5% of their reduced hours target
  • Need-blind application processing (i.e., the program is not limited to parents or individuals returning from medical or other leave)
  • Collaboration between the attorney and the firm to create an optimal schedule for both parties
  • Off-ramping and on-ramping for attorneys going out on or returning from leave
  • No minimum or maximum length of time an attorney may work on a FlexWork schedule
  • A streamlined request and review process, one-on-one support from a coach trained by the Coaches Training Institute, regular check-ins, and online resources
  • Education for partners regarding the importance of the program

The firm is also a member of the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance, a national forum dedicated to work-life integration for attorneys. As a member of the Alliance, Goodwin receives vital information about the recruitment, retention and development of FlexWork attorneys. Elaine Blais, a partner in the firm’s Litigation Department, is a past recipient of the Alliance’s Annual Flex Success Award for best exemplifying how, with client support, attorneys can achieve greater work-life integration and still have extraordinarily successful careers.