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It’s contagious when people around you love what they do. Goodwin’s Learning + Professional Development (L+PD) team is committed to helping you maximize your potential, find professional fulfillment, and bring the firm’s core principles to life.

Through research-backed, best-in-class onboarding programs, core skills training, leadership development programs, and organizational change initiatives, we foster collaboration and innovation, drive excellence, cultivate leadership, promote diversity, equity and inclusion, enhance engagement, and disrupt hidden barriers to success.

Our team’s dedicated group of experts includes directors and managers who are former practicing attorneys and are nationally-recognized leaders in their field. Together, we make Goodwin a top firm that is also a great place to work.

Your top-notch Goodwin training, experiences, and relationships will serve as the cornerstone for your professional development throughout your career.

Our Programming

Initial Onboarding + Learning

At Goodwin, we know that your learning begins the moment you arrive.

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Core Skills

Beyond the knowledge gained through your client work, your skillset will grow exponentially through a variety of trainings, seminars and on-demand learning offerings.

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Leadership Skills

At Goodwin, we encourage leadership at every level.

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Career Advancement

Goodwin knows the importance of flexibility in your legal career and in the legal market.

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Individual Professional Development + Workload Management

At Goodwin, we believe a great legal education comes from both formal learning opportunities and learning in your daily work.

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From flexible work schedules to ensuring employee engagement, Goodwin is committed to providing a supportive work environment for our attorneys.

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At Goodwin, effective mentoring is a two-way street and an essential part of our culture.

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Ongoing Feedback

Taking stock of our progress is key to maintaining our open and entrepreneurial culture and ensuring that we are meeting our own expectations and those of others.

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Heidi Goldstein Shepherd

Chief Talent Officer
and Assistant General Counsel for Employment
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Caitlin E. Vaughn

Director, Learning & Professional Development
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Recruiting Privacy Policies

Like most businesses, we hold and process a wide range of information, which relates to the individuals who apply and those we recruit to work for us. This policy explains the type of information we process, why we are processing it and how that processing may affect you. We have a separate Workplace Privacy Policy that applies to our current and former employees.