At Goodwin we realize that being a paralegal is not just a job, it is a profession. As professionals, Paralegals at all levels of experience are offered opportunities to play key roles on our client teams. Goodwin Paralegals work side-by-side with attorneys to provide high-quality, cost effective legal services on each of our matters. They add value through experience, advising on how to best approach tasks at hand. The paralegal management team works closely with each paralegal to understand their career goals and objectives, and helps them achieve those through targeted staffing and training.

Members of Goodwin’s Paralegal team play a critical role in the Firm’s efforts to provide high-quality legal services cost-effectively. Our Specialists, Senior Paralegals and Paralegals demonstrate creativity and thought leadership, each having developed expertise in their practice area. Paralegals leverage their experience to help attorneys develop innovative ways to approach challenging legal issues.

Corporate Paralegals at Goodwin are dedicated to specific practice areas. They develop strong relationships with our attorneys and clients, building substantive and institutional knowledge that adds critical value to our practice. Corporate Paralegals collaborate with attorneys on a wide-variety of projects including real estate transactions, mergers & acquisitions, IPOs, corporate formations and corporate governance.

Litigation Paralegals and Trial Specialists assist attorneys across practice areas on a wide-variety of litigation matters including Intellectual Property, Securities & White Collar and Financial Services. They collaborate with case teams to help manage the litigation process from inception through trial, leveraging their knowledge to streamline the execution of litigation tasks and create efficiencies.

Case Assistants and Project Assistants are entry-level team members with excellent academic credentials who join either the Corporate or Litigation department. These team members contribute for two years prior to attending law or graduate school, and assist attorneys and senior Paralegals with routine legal tasks. Case Assistants and Project Assistants work “in the trenches” with our legal teams learning about the practice of law first-hand, and help Goodwin provide value to our clients through the work that they perform.

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Program Highlights

Centralized Staffing: Our centralized staffing system helps ensure a fair distribution of work, and allows us to focus on providing the proper professional development opportunities for each of our team members.

Training: We provide comprehensive onboarding and orientation to ensure new team members are integrated quickly.  Throughout the year Paralegals are invited to participate in associate-level trainings, practice specific trainings and lunches, as well as external training approved by the Director of Paralegals.

Opportunities to Train/Mentor: Specialists and Senior Paralegals train and mentor junior Paralegals, and develop and present substantive training in their area of expertise to other members of our legal team.

Tuition Reimbursement/LSAT Preparation: All Paralegals are encouraged to continue their formal education outside of work, and are provided with tuition reimbursement to assist them in doing so. The firm will also reimburse Paralegals for the cost of one graduate school entrance exam preparation course (LSAT/GMAT/GRE) during an employee’s tenure with the firm.

Pro-Bono: Paralegals are encouraged to participate in pro-bono initiatives, for which they receive full-credit toward bonus targets. During the firm's 2015 fiscal year, Goodwin Paralegals logged more than 3,900 pro-bono hours.

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