Events February 28, 2014
Goodwin Procter LLP
135 Commonwealth Drive
Menlo Park, CA

Buyers, Sellers and Investors Beware: Practical Tips for Avoiding Due Diligence Landmines

As we prepare for what is expected to be an extraordinary year in the world of M&A, how can you ensure you are being diligent about your due diligence? Sellers, buyers, and investors will spend lots of time and money on due diligence, but often will not maximize their efforts or transaction value. Failing to employ effective strategies and not focusing on some undervalued but important areas are key mistakes when conducting and preparing for due diligence.

Topics include: Common and costly mistakes made by the buyer, seller and investor during due diligence; How to maximize the long-term value of the transaction by reducing mistakes that lead to post-deal disputes and litigation; Background checks — when to do it, who to do it for, and what you want to check; New case law impacting M&A and investment due diligence; and steps to take in advance of a sale or next-stage investment to sail through the other side’s due diligence onslaught.

Please join Michael Jung, Managing Director at Founders Circle Capital; Randy Cook, Director at NV Investigations and NFL Security Consultant; and Goodwin Procter partners, Larry Chu and Grant Fondo, for an interactive panel discussion of M&A and investor due diligence, including answers to your questions.

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