Events November 20, 2019 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ITC Webinar Series - Part 3: Post Remedy Issues at the ITC

With the growing importance of cross-border trade issues, we will be providing updates and analyses of ITC Section 337 decisions, rules, metrics and other news in the high-stakes world of litigation at the International Trade Commission.

For the 3rd and final part of our 2019 ITC Webinar Series, we invite you to join a conversation to discuss what happens after the hearing at the ITC. We will be discussing settlement and other early resolution matters. But, we will also be diving into what happens with cases that go through to remedy and what choices you as a business have for reacting if/when you are in such a scenario. This is a critical area that is often overlooked.

Complainants should be apprised of how they can assure their issued remedial orders are effective and respondents should be aware of their business decisions if/when a remedial order is issued against any of their products. We plan to identify the various ins-and-outs of the post-remedy landscape and address best practices for both complainants and respondents.

CLE Credit Pending in NY, CA, NJ and CT

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