Events January 27, 2020 8:30 AM
Goodwin Conference Center
Three Embarcadero Center
San Francisco , CA

Goodwin California CLE Day

Goodwin is hosting a one-day CLE seminar with multiple sessions, including breakfast, lunch and networking. Goodwin speakers include David Callaway, Mitzi Chang, Neel Chatterjee, Grant Fondo, Bill Growney, Jaime Santos, Brett Schuman, Rachel Walsh and Darryl Woo

9:00 am - Employee Mobility Today: The Foundation of Silicon Valley or a Modern Day Trojan Horse? (1 CLE Credit)

Employee mobility issues arise frequently in high-technology sectors and can expose companies to risk from both incoming and departing employees. Brett Schuman, Rachel Walsh, and Darryl Woo will provide an overview of potential issues relating to trade secrets, non-disclosure agreements and confidentiality agreements relating to employee mobility.

10:15 am - Hot Topics in Cannabis Law (1 CLE credit)

The march towards legalization at the state level continues but cannabis remains illegal – and criminal – at the federal level. Brett Schuman and Bill Growney – leaders of Goodwin’s cannabis practice group – will give an overview of the current legal landscape, as well as provide insight into a number of the most significant legal issues faced by participants in the budding cannabis industry. The discussion will cover intellectual property considerations, access to public and private capital markets, issues for company owners and investors, key revisions to California’s cannabis regulations, and more.

11:30 am - Sexual Harassment in TV and Film (1 Elimination of Bias CLE Credit)

We are all shaped by media messages about appropriate workplace behavior, and that can impact our ability to see and address harassing behavior that occurs in legal workplaces. In this interesting and groundbreaking program, Neel Chatterjee and Jaime Santos will use examples from popular television shows and movies to educate about harassment issues in the workplace; discuss the impact of sexual harassment on employees, including recent social science data on this topic; and discuss how to more effectively eliminate bias and harassment issues in the workplace.

1:30 pm - Current Trends in Blockchain and Crypto Transactions, Financing, Regulation, and Enforcement (1 CLE credit)

The regulatory landscape surrounding digital currencies and blockchain technology has evolved considerably since the DAO Investigative Report and the Munchee Cease and Desist Order of 2017. With the SEC, the CFTC, FinCEN, and the IRS exercising jurisdiction over various aspects of blockchain-based business models, there are many issues to consider when deciding how to structure and finance a business, or the liability that may accrue for investing or otherwise participating in a blockchain project. In this presentation, David Callaway, Grant Fondo, and Mitzi Chang, will discuss trends in blockchain and digital currency transactions and financing, corporate structures including off-shore considerations and geofencing, AML/KYC, recent enforcement actions, civil litigations, and comments from regulators that have informed our strategic advice in this space. In addition, this presentation offers perspectives on enforcement priorities and areas of focus, based upon our discussions directly with SEC Staff and other regulators.

2:45 pm - Managing a Corporate Crisis (1 CLE credit)

When a company faces the prospect of criminal or regulatory scrutiny, numerous issues often arise that require fast-moving decisions and assessments before a complete picture of the facts emerge. How companies and their boards of directors respond to signs of potential wrongdoing can significantly impact the ultimate outcome of a government investigation and related private civil litigation. The program will address strategies and best practices for companies and their boards to follow as well as potential pitfalls to avoid.

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