Events May 05, 2020 12:00 PM

ITC Webinar Series 2020 Part I: Non-patent Cases at the ITC

The ITC’s jurisdiction covers all “unfair competition” tied to imported goods. “Unfair competition” is not explicitly defined, but is interpreted broadly. It includes all types of misconduct related to imported goods, including trademark/copyright infringement, trade secret misappropriation, false advertising, false designation of origin, antitrust violations, and other unfair acts.

In this webinar we will touch upon how broadly “unfair competition” may be construed and we will discuss the nuances of litigating non-patent cases at the ITC. Additionally, we will discuss a number of interesting pending non-patent cases that are set for decision throughout 2020.

Goodwin’s Mark Davis, PJ McCarthy and Ron Pabis will be the panelists.

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