Events April 01, 2021

Laughter + Law: An April Fools’ Day CLE

Law is no joke. Please join us for our sixth installment of Goodwin’s groundbreaking CLE series combining law and entertainment, Laughter + Law: An April Fools’ Day CLE. We hope you will find this a fun and educational session as we begin to see the light at the end of the shelter-in-place tunnel.

We can’t promise to make you laugh, but we will teach you about the law related to practical jokes gone bad, the law of jokes and much more. This CLE will be presented by Goodwin’s Neel Chatterjee, with a special guest appearance by Denise Howell, Tech lawyer and host/contributor,

Don’t get pranked on April 1. Get some CLE credit instead.

Did you hear the one about the two Justices who walked into the bar?

CLE states: CA, CT, NJ, NY, PA, TX*, IL* and VA*.
*CLE pending

ICYMI: If you missed or just want to binge previous installments of our Entertainment and the Law Series, visit our website.