b'Potential Legal Ramifications% of respondents who feel the following legal challenges threaten fintech adoptionLegal ChallengePercentageCybersecurity/Data and Identity Hacks47%Cross-border Migration of Data and Analytics13%Retail Banking/Lending Products13%Standardizing e-Payments across Jurisdictions8%Application and End-user Use-case 8% for Crypto and Stablecoins Intellectual Property (IP) Theft7%Other4%Top Deterrents Facing Broader Adoption% of respondents who feel the following are top deterrentsof even broader adoption of fintech DeterrentPercentageData Privacy Concerns32%Rapid Changes in Technology23%Shifting Regulations/Legal Red-tape18%Lack of Ongoing Capital 11%(UK: IDX 142)Market Oversaturation8%Trade Wars/Cross-border Impediments6%Other2%31'