b'Predicted Disruptors and Threats to FintechThe finance industry is seen as most likely to become a major disruptor in the fintech space in the next one to three years. However, a third of respondents were unsure as to which industry would be the greatest disruptor, suggesting that there is not enough information available to gauge the next steps for fintech. Respondents were more confident in their understanding of perceived threats moving forward, with safety/security being number one, further reiterating respondents concerns with privacy, data and identity hacks.Predicted MajorFinance Industry16%Disruptors, Unaided Technology5%% of respondents whoHealthcare Industry4%mentioned the following industries as major disruptorsPetroleum Industry4%on an unaided basis Fintech4%Automotive Industry3%Internet1%Transportation Sector1%Other Industries15%Dont Know28%None18%42'