b'As the digital transformation of financial markets accelerates at breakneck speeds, fintech presents significant opportunities and challenges for both investors and innovators around the world. When we began the research for Goodwins inaugural survey on the financial technology industry, our goal was to shed light on the most critical issues facing this vibrant sector at the intersection of capital and innovation. Since that time, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a unique set of circumstances with the potential to dramatically increase the pace of innovation and significantly alter the corporate landscape. Because of these recent events, we believe it has become increasingly important to not only understand the current state of the financial technology market, but to also have insights and analysis into the many forces shaping its future. Goodwins Fintech 2020: A Global Survey on the State of Financial Technology reviews major fintech trends based on responses from more than 700 senior decision makers across the accounting, banking, financial services, investment and insurance industries in the United States, United Kingdom and continental Europe. The results demonstrate that while the fintech sector continues to grow at a steady pace, there is a great deal of disruption still to come. From data and analytics to cybersecurity and evolving regulatory frameworks, our global survey suggests there will be considerable opportunities and challenges for both investors and innovators around the world as the digital transformation of financial markets continues to accelerate.We invite you to read through the following report and explore the key findings. For additional information and updates, visit Goodwins Fintech minisite. As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any comments or questions.Amber Dolman Scott JoachimPartner and Co-Chair, Fintech Partner and Co-Chair, Fintech3'