NBI Highlights

The Neighborhood Business Initiative works with businesses of all types. Here are a few of their stories:

Canto 6 Bakery

Bakery, Jamaica Plain, MA
Transactions: Entity Formation • Acquisition of Business • Acquisition Financing • Business Negotiations • Lease Negotiations • Sale of Business

“Goodwin provided us with expert legal assistance from opening our bakery to its ultimate sale. We are extraordinarily grateful for the time, resources and expert advice offered by Goodwin for the duration of our time at Canto 6 Bakery.”

Alexandra Emmott, Canto 6 Bakery & Cafe, Former Owner

“NBI was able to help Canto 6 during the beginning, middle and end of its business life cycle. It was an incredible learning experience and a great opportunity to help two entrepreneurs capture and retain the wealth that they created through their hard work and the risks they took in investing in a city neighborhood.”

Goodwin Associate


Carpenter & Inventor, Somerville, MA
Transactions: Entity Formation • Patent Application

“I developed MetaComb, a translucent material made of cardboard and polymer, which may be formed into tiles that may be used to make lighting and furniture, as well as used in construction. Products will be manufactured domestically with this new technology and will hopefully play a role in bringing the economy back on track.” “Working with Goodwin has been absolutely amazing – without Goodwin I wouldn’t have the building blocks to grow my business.”

Seva Tsodokov, Inventor & Owner

“We worked with Seva to organize MetaComb and then to file a nonprovisional patent application to protect MetaComb’s rights technology that allows the repurposing of recycled cardboard into useful, beautiful objects. It is exciting to see the potential in a neighborhood inventor and help him start on the right track.”

Natasha Us, Senior Counsel, IP Transactions and Strategies

A1 Barbershop

Barber, Roxbury, MA
Transactions: Commercial Real Estate • Acquisition • Real Estate Finance • Entity Formation

“When I first opened the shop, I did all the work with friends. I stayed open extra hours, late into the night and over holidays to earn cash to buy the shop. I bought the shop with a bank loan and a note to the seller – Goodwin attorneys worked with me on those. More than eight years later I still own this shop. My children are growing and grown and I am still taking care of them. Sometimes I think I’ll never stop working. I am so glad I have the shop.”

Doyen Dunkley, A-1 Barbershop, Owner

“Doyen had a plan, tenacity, savings and sweat equity. Our job was to be there, explain the documents and help him advocate for his interests. Like all entrepreneurs, he needed advocates committed to his interests and I was glad to be one of those attorneys.”

Anna Dodson, Partner, Hedge Funds and Leveraged Finance

Design Tellaria

Visual Arts, Boston
Transactions: Contracts (Art Consignment)

“The Goodwin team that assisted me in creating a contract for use with galleries and private commissions was very helpful and responsive to my questions and concerns. I know going forward that business negotiations around my art will be clearer since both parties will have an understanding of each other’s expectations. Working with Goodwin was a great experience.”

Edward Tellaria, Artist

“We prepared a model consignment agreement for Design Telleria to use in consigning their artwork to local galleries. This model will allow him to use a standard form with all of the galleries, ensuring uniform and fair consignment terms. It required some research on consignment law pertaining to artwork, so the experience certainly presented an opportunity to learn a unique and interesting area of law outside of my normal area of practice.”

Goodwin Associate

Eat-in-Style, LLC. 

Catering, Jamaica Plain, MA
Transactions: Contracts (Catering) • Business Negotiations 
“When I first worked with Goodwin attorneys it was on a contract matter. All I wanted to do was cook. What did I know about contracts? It was really nice to have someone to talk through the issues. A couple of years later my business had reached a plateau. At the same time, I had an opportunity to join CropCircle Kitchen. I started consulting on kitchen operations and inventory. Just a few years later, I’m on everything detail and we have a waiting list – there is such demand for kitchen space!”
Darnell Adams, former Managing Director of Commonwealth Kitchen Inc. (formerly known as CropCircle Kitchen) and former Owner of Eat-in-Style, LLC
“We counseled Darnell as she negotiated with a catering client. My role was to arm her with an understanding of what her legal rights and obligations were, to help her understand her client’s position and to develop a strategy for negotiating. It was the first opportunity I ever had to counsel a client through a negotiation. I found the experience rewarding because we were able to transform what was otherwise a fairly frightening experience (being threatened with a law suit) into an experience that was empowering. She was able to negotiate a resolution that she thought was fair. And, in the process, she also gained a deeper understanding of the need to have clear and unambiguous contracts.”
Goodwin Associate