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Compass Working Capital

Compass Working CapitalCompass Working Capital is a nonprofit organization that provides incentive-based savings and financial coaching programs that empower low-income families to access opportunities, build assets and achieve their financial aspirations, such as saving for a first-time home, a college education or a small business.

”At Compass, we are never short on ideas or energy, but we struggle to build the resources – primarily human capital talent – to achieve our goals. Goodwin has been an instrumental partner for Compass at every stage of growth, particularly in the last two years as we have transitioned to a growth-oriented nonprofit organization that provides an innovative portfolio of products and services and is recognized as a legitimate thought leader in the field. Most notably, Goodwin has played a highly strategic role in the development, launch and expansion of the Compass Family Self-Sufficiency  (FSS) program.”

Sherry Riva, Executive Director, Compass Working Capital

“Compass runs the only public-private FSS program in the country, which helps Section 8 residents save money to get out of public housing. I drafted agreements with the Lynn and Cambridge housing departments to establish these groundbreaking programs, which was a unique and satisfying legal experience. It has been incredibly rewarding to hear the stories of the people who have been helped. Compass is enabling the American dream to become a reality for everyone, and not through hand-outs, but by helping people to achieve their goals through their own effort.”

Goodwin Associate, Financial Industry PracticeCompass Working Capital