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Internet Archive (IA)

Internet ArchiveEstablished in 1996, IA was founded to build an “Internet library,” with the purpose of offering free, permanent access for researchers, historians, scholars, artists and the general public to collections in digital format. IA collects and preserves electronic and physical data and media, including texts, audio, videos/film, software, television news and archived web pages.

“Goodwin has helped us with a wide range of issues. They’ve assisted with addressing law enforcement requests, helped us submit an amicus brief in a critical Supreme Court case with major implications for libraries and privacy, and provided research on new questions about library rights. Goodwin’s services have addressed both immediate and long-term considerations for the IA, all of them highly significant to the continuing fulfillment of our goals of expanding access to books, movies, audio, ‘born-digital’ works, and other library resources via the Internet for all.”

Brewster Kahle, Founder and Digital Librarian, Internet Archive

“It has been exciting for us to work with IA on one of the most significant 4th amendment and privacy cases in years. At the forefront of these issues, IA is passionate about protecting the privacy of individuals’ right to read materials without being concerned about law enforcement, unchecked, tracking it. It was gratifying to pull a collection of Goodwin lawyers from multiple practices to take a hard look at these important issues, file an amicus brief with the Supreme Court, and have our position in substance adopted by the Justices.” 

Grant Fondo, Partner, Securities Litigation & White Collar Defense Group