Pro Bono Highlights

Step Forward Initiative (SFI)

Step Forward InitiativeSFI was formed to address unmet medical and social needs in under-served communities throughout the world. SFI has focused its initial projects on less developed regions within the Russian Federation that suffer from high rates of tuberculosis. The strategy is to get people, or organizations, to “step forward” with ideas, funding and support for programs.

“With Goodwin’s assistance, we were able to qualify for nonprofit status in a relatively short amount of time, and thus have been able to make very tangible progress on our first program helping Kalmykia, Russia with its tuberculosis (TB) control effort. We were then able to qualify for a special program that allowed us to purchase a state-of-the-art instrument for diagnosing TB. Because we obtained our assistance pro bono, we were able to have sufficient funds to purchase the instrument, and pay for installation and training of staff in the TB laboratory.”

Ron Haak, Co-Founder and President, Step Forward Initiative

”While our pro bono efforts typically involve assisting organizations that improve the lives of their beneficiaries, SFI provided an exciting opportunity to partner with an organization that is saving lives.”

Steve Feldstein, Partner, Employment Practice