Goodwin Insights October 01, 2016

NBI Client Highlight: A1 Barbershop

Barber, Roxbury, MA

Transactions: Commercial Real Estate • Acquisition • Real Estate Finance • Entity Formation

“When I first opened the shop, I did all the work with friends. I stayed open extra hours, late into the night and over holidays to earn cash to buy the shop. I bought the shop with a bank loan and a note to the seller – Goodwin attorneys worked with me on those. More than eight years later I still own this shop. My children are growing and grown and I am still taking care of them. Sometimes I think I’ll never stop working. I am so glad I have the shop.”

Doyen Dunkley, A-1 Barbershop, Owner

“Doyen had a plan, tenacity, savings and sweat equity. Our job was to be there, explain the documents and help him advocate for his interests. Like all entrepreneurs, he needed advocates committed to his interests and I was glad to be one of those attorneys.”

Anna Dodson, Partner, Hedge Funds and Leveraged Finance