The Splice of Life

Unprecedented breakthroughs require unparalleled partnerships.
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Electricity in the Air

Sending electricity without wires? Goodwin client WiTricity is doing just that, commercializing a breakthrough technology that safely and effectively transmits electricity through the air. The approach has applications across a host of industries, including automotive giant Toyota, which plans to use it to charge its line of electric vehicles.
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The Splice of Life

CRISPR’s CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology presents game-changing and potentially curative treatments for a variety of human genetic diseases. But to bring the technology to market and begin treating patients, CRISPR needed a partner with the right mix of experience, resources and reach. Enter the Bayer LifeScience Center, a new R&D unit of Bayer – a 150-year-old global enterprise – focused entirely on the development of ultimate breakthroughs. CRISPR turned to Goodwin to help the two groups join forces.
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Backing a Breakthrough

Assisting a Who’s Who of Internet luminaries, Goodwin attorneys helped establish the Breakthrough Prizes in Life Sciences, Mathematics and Physics, awarded by not-for-profit organizations dedicated to recognizing excellence in research aimed at curing diseases, extending human life and advancing our knowledge of the universe.

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Breathing New Life

When Royalty Pharma entered into a record-setting $3.3 billion acquisition of Cystic Fibrosis Foundation royalties on Vertex Pharmaceuticals’ cystic fibrosis treatments, Royalty relied on Goodwin to help steer this historic agreement. 
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Faster Fast Food

Launched by a group of MIT engineering students, Spyce is developing the world’s first fully automated restaurant, serving up a variety of fresh, hot dishes like stir-fry, rice, pasta, pad thai, quinoa, and curry – all ordered on a smart phone app or touch screen nearby.

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