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We are pleased to announce the launch of our WeChat account. Goodwin will utilize this multi-purpose platform to share client successes, firm milestones and events, and provide legal and regulatory updates that are relevant to our clients across China who are engaged in cross-border business.

You are welcome to follow us by scanning the QR code below or searching for our WeChat ID “GoodwinProcter” in the WeChat mobile app. Please also follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

Follow Goodwin on WeChat

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高赢国际律师事务所(高赢)正式开通官方微信公众号“ GoodwinProcter”。高赢的律师团队将通过此平台与您分享客户的成功案例、热点法律问题、本所的发展里程碑和各类活动。在中国从事跨境业务的客户还可以通过高赢微信公众号,更方便和及时地获取相关的法律和监管合规资讯信息。

欢迎关注高赢微信公众号,请扫描以下二维码或在微信内搜寻账号“GoodwinProcter” 即可关注。欢迎同时关注高赢的 领英(LinkedIn)、推特(Twitter)和 Instagram官方账号。

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