b'Debt Collection + Settlement Actions by Year (with Recoveries)Number of Actions Amount of Recovery51$407.9M 46$264.4M30$250.6M 32$63.1M14$129.5M2016 2017 2018 2019 2020collectors compliance with the communication capsjust to voicemails departs from the Notice of Proposed is presumed. Moreover, the final rule clarifies thatRulemaking, which proposed application of the term to voicemails, including ringless voicemails, count towardvoicemails, live calls, and text messages.the numerical limit. To address modern communication methods, the rule also clarifies how consumers mayCFPB Issues Final Rule Concerning Consumer set limits on debt collection communications to reflectDisclosures Related to Debt Collectiontheir preferences. Overall, the rule further restricts debtIn December, the CFPB announced another final rule collectors communications with consumers. to implement the FDCPAthis time concerning the In addition to increased consumer protections, the newFDCPAs requirements on disclosures for consumers. rule provides additional guidance for debt collectors onThe final rule, according to CFPB Director Kraninger, how to ensure compliance with the FDCPA. For instance,provides clear rules of the road for debt collectors the rule defines a new term related to debt collectionon how to disclose details about a consumers debt communications: limited-content message. This definitionand informs consumers how they may respond to the identifies what information a debt collector must and maycollector, if they choose to do so. The rule requires include in a voicemail message for consumers for thedebt collectors to provide certain easily understandable message to be deemed an attempt to communicate,disclosures at the outset of collection communications rather than a communication restricted by the FDCPA.and to take specific steps to disclose the existence of a To qualify as a limited-content message, a voicemaildebt to consumers before reporting information about may identify the caller (without indicating that it is athe debt to a consumer reporting agency (CRA). With debt collector) and request that the consumer reply.respect to contacting consumers about a debt before In general, no other information can be included in afurnishing information to a CRA, the final rule requires limited-content message for the message to retain itsdebt collectors to contact consumers by, for example, status as a non-collection communication, except for aphone, electronic message, or mail. If a debt collector small number of additional items enumerated in the rule.chooses not to speak with the consumer over the The final rules restriction of limited-content messagestelephone, they must wait a reasonable period of time to receive a notice of undeliverability before furnishing 33'