b'Total Actions by Federal/State GovernmentFederal State JointTotal: 17414 Total: 1487Total: 11156 7Total: 78 Total: 7863 5 13362630104 78 47 35 682016 2017 2018 2019 2020Key Trends many other federal agencies, on balance, remained about the same in 2020. The FTC reported a slight The number of publicly announced enforcement actionsdecrease in activity (14 actions in 2020, as compared to increased slightly in 2020, representing a change in18 in 2019), while the DOJ reported a modest increase direction from the steady decrease in activity since 2015.(eight actions in 2020, as compared to six in 2019). Though this shift is notable, enforcement activity remainsCertain agencies that were active in 2019, such as only a fraction of pre-Financial Crisis era levels. In 2016,the FDIC, OCC, and Federal Reserve, did not publicly we tracked 174 federally-initiated enforcement actions,report any consumer finance actions in 2020. whereas we tracked 75 such actions in 2020, seven ofOn the state side, enforcement activity remained about which were joint actions conducted with the assistancethe same as in 2019. California, Massachusetts, and of state attorneys general or agencies. The 75 actionsNew York continued to lead enforcement at the state-nonetheless represent a 53% increase in the number oflevel, initiating almost as many publicly announced federal or joint actions tracked in 2019. actions as all other states combined. While state This year, as in years past, the CFPB took the lead onagencies focused efforts on a diverse array of issues, enforcement. The year-over-year increase in publiclythe majority of state-led actions concerned debt announced enforcement activity at the CFPB iscollection and debt settlement (12 actions) and personal responsible for the uptick in activity overall. Goodwinand payday lending (nine actions). Coordinated state commented on this emerging trend in last years issue,efforts also resulted in some high-dollar settlements where we attributed the increase in activity to thein 2020, most notably a $550 million settlement appointment of Director Kraninger and the CFPBs jointconcerning Santander Consumer USA Inc.s auto efforts with state attorneys general. The CFPB doubledlending practices and a settlement securing $330 its enforcement activity from 2019, with Goodwinmillion in debt relief from the trustee of ITT Technical tracking 52 actions in total this year. But activity byInstitute student loans. 7'