b'to the CFPB, the itemization of the $0.00 in interest and collection fees presently owed says nothing about the future of such charges. CFPB argues that it would be unreasonable for an unsophisticated consumer to interpret an itemization showing that no interest and fees had been assessed on her account as raising the prospect that she would be charged fees or interest in the future.Looking Ahead to 2021Goodwins 2019 Year in Review predicted that in 2020, enforcement in the debt collection market would continue to focus on representations made to consumers. That prediction has proved true and is likely to continue into 2021. Goodwin also predicted that the CFPB would provide clarity and certainty through implementation of bright-line rules in its FDCPA final rule. CFPBs final rule provided the anticipated clarity and bright-line rulesboth for consumers and companies seeking to ensure compliance. With Operation Corrupt Collector underway, and the likely shift to a more active CFPB under the Biden Administration, Goodwin predicts increased federal and state enforcement actions in this space as well. What to Watch Continued collaborative enforcement activityincluding collective action pursuant to Operation Corrupt Collector.Implementation of the CFPBs FDCPA final rule and related compliance investigations.'