Press Release
December 21, 2016

2016 Goodwin Banking Symposium Highlights and Interviews

At the 2016 Goodwin Banking Symposium we asked partners from the Financial Services and Banking practices two questions about the incoming Trump administration.

We first asked how they expected the new president elect to impact the financial services and banking industries. They said that while there is uncertainty about what specifically Trump would do, most agreed that regulations would become less restrictive.

Secondly, we asked what was keeping their clients up at night. They said everything from privacy and data security matters to the continuing burden of regulations and the unpredictability of the president-elect were chief among their concerns.

Finally, the symposium’s keynote speaker, David Gergen, senior political analyst for CNN, suggested that the Trump administration will likely have a light hand when it comes to its regulatory authority. He also said it remains unclear as to whether the recent uptick in the financial markets will be a long-term trend or just a brief “sugar high.”