The Goodwin Alumni Community represents many facets of the legal industry, from in-house counsel at Fortune 50 and emerging companies to judges, professors, NGO and business professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Our Values

The Goodwin Alumni Community is driven by the following core values:

Commitment to Excellence

We provide alumni with a rewarding and engaging experience that enriches the community and fortifies our bonds with the firm and each other.

Inclusive Community for All

We create an environment in which all alumni feel welcomed, respected, supported and valued in our individual differences.

Consistent and Open Communication
We strive to cultivate long-lasting connections between alumni and the firm through consistent and open communication about Goodwin and what it looks like today. We encourage alumni to connect with former and new colleagues to enrich their networks.
Commitment to Innovation

We push the boundaries and explore all possibilities, original ideas and clever notions to deliver a best-in-class experience for alumni.

Alumni Bridges: The Goodwin Alumni Spotlight Podcast Series

Listen to more alumni experiences on Alumni Bridges: The Goodwin Alumni Spotlight Podcast Series.

Get in Touch

As we continue to expand our alumni program, we welcome your feedback. Join the conversation and connect with our Strategic Alumni Engagement and Client Relations team at