Theresa DeLoach

Theresa DeLoach

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Professional StaffManaging Director, Strategic Alumni Engagement & Client Relations
Theresa DeLoach
Los Angeles
+1 213 426 2556

Theresa DeLoach is the Managing Director of Strategic Alumni Engagement and Client Relations for Goodwin. She is a tenured, legal services marketing and business development professional. Throughout her career she has demonstrated the ability to lead and execute large initiatives. Among her top priorities are building strong client relationships and enhancing client service. She consistently works to identify ways the firm can add value and improve results for alumni and clients.

With extensive knowledge in business development, Theresa is adept at crafting and implementing growth strategies for new and existing clients, markets and industries. As an experienced advisor, she has developed solid relationships with key decision makers at companies large and small across various sectors. She has interviewed and conducted client service meetings with in-house counsel at countless Fortune 500 companies, many of whom have appeared on panels that she both curated and moderated.

Theresa brings a wealth of experience from previous roles leading marketing and business development efforts for law firms as well as other corporate entities. Before joining Goodwin, she led numerous business development initiatives where she worked closely with firm and corporate leaders to develop and execute strategies to expand business opportunities, drive revenue and enhance client satisfaction. Theresa has designed and led a number of formal business development coaching programs and has worked across departments, including Operations, Talent, HR, Practice Management, DEI and beyond to set and execute institutional goals throughout her career.




University of California College of the Law, San Francisco


University of Southern California