Financial Services Forward Focus Webinar Series

This multi-part series presented by a cross-discipline team of Goodwin lawyers explores the topics that are most relevant for the financial services industry in a challenging market. From changing regulatory guidelines to fintech, mergers and acquisitions and corporate social responsibility, Goodwin will take attendees through these topics and provide guidance to help you navigate the current market conditions.

Developing a Consumer Complaint Response Strategy for Fintech Companies

During this time of unprecedented global disruption, how Fintech companies respond to complaints from consumers about a range of issues – including fees and costs, eligibility criteria and payment issues – is more important than ever. Understanding consumer complaints is critical not only as a business performance metric, but also because consumer complaints increasingly drive the enforcement agenda of federal and state regulators and reveal litigation risk. At the same time, the capacity of Fintech companies to address consumer complaints may be limited due to the effects of COVID-19: staffing challenges, shifting regulatory timetables and an increased complaint volume. This webinar will discuss the importance of a comprehensive consumer complaint response strategy, identify the common pitfalls that companies experience in managing consumer complaints, and address best practices for Fintech companies in responding to consumer complaints in the current environment. 

Thursday, July 28, 2020


Recent Webinars

July 16, 2020

The OCC and FDIC’s ‘Madden Fix’ for Permissible Interest on Sold Loans and the True Lender Doctrine

In this webinar, the Goodwin Team discussed the recent OCC and FDIC rules on permissible interest on loans sold by a bank (a.k.a. the “Madden Fix”) and the latest on the true lender doctrine. The Goodwin Team also covered state usury and interest exportation basics to set a good foundation for the discussion. This webinar was intended for the entire Fintech lending community, including Fintechs and banks in lending partnerships, servicers, credit facility providers and investors.

Mike Whalen
Kim Holzel 
Sabrina Rose-Smith 
Danielle Reyes 
Alex Callen

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