Product Evaluation and Feedback

We’ll test your products and provide feedback.

Many of our clients are at the forefront of the technology revolution with products and services that are changing lives and moving markets. Our Information Services team regularly works with clients and prospective clients to evaluate and in some cases road-test these technologies.

We work to develop a proof of concept, occasionally even implementing these products in the Goodwin environment. We can evaluate them in real-time and determine whether they deliver on the premise, providing clients with valuable feedback at critical development stages.

In one example, we worked closely with a company specializing in the mobile device management space. When they were still early in their development cycle, we implemented a product as a proof of concept within the Goodwin environment. We found a number of bugs within the product and provided feedback that allowed them to enhance and improve the product and better meet the needs of their customers.

Product evaluation, feedback and testing are just some of the ways Goodwin helps companies spot issues before they become a real problem.