What’s Next? A Path Forward in Uncertain Times

This multi-part series presented by a cross-discipline team of Goodwin lawyers explores the financing transactions and topics that are most relevant for companies and investors in a challenging market. At a time where valuations are uncertain and companies across industries need capital, Goodwin will take attendees through the various types of financings and investment structures applicable in current market conditions.

Recent Webinars

August 12, 2020

Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs): A Mainstream IPO Alternative + What You Should Know

In light of the recent market volatility, business combinations with SPACs, or SIPOs, have become increasingly popular financing transactions utilized by companies across industries as a means of raising capital and accessing the public markets. Recently our interdisciplinary team of Goodwin lawyers presented a guided introduction to SPACs and SIPOs while exploring creative structuring and strategy considerations, advantages and disadvantages of SPACs over traditional IPOs, and ways to address and mitigate the emerging litigation risks associated with these deals.

Jocelyn M. Arel 
Caroline H. Bullerjahn 
Daniel J. Espinoza

August 5, 2020

Issues Facing Public Company Boards

While trends in transactions continue to evolve and change, boards of public companies need to stay educated on best practices for navigating these uncertain times. Interested in learning more about some of the “hot” topics and trending issues unique to boards? Goodwin’s multidisciplinary team of lawyers recently hosted a webinar focused on the key considerations facing boards of public companies in this changing environment, including:

  • Board oversight and role in disclosures
  • Executive compensation and retention risk for top performers
  • Shareholder activism
  • Poison pills
  • Specifics regarding M&A for public companies
  • Fundraising

Richard A. Kline  
Deborah S. Birnbach 
Lynda T. Galligan 
Joseph L. Johnson III 
Danielle M. Lauzon 
Maggie L. Wong


Video and Resources

July 29, 2020

U.S. And European Growth Equity Deal Trends In The Current Environment

Although some private investment activity has slowed in recent months, growth equity deals have continued on a steady path.  However, given the current economic climate, deal terms have changed in certain noticeable ways.  Our global interdisciplinary team of Goodwin partners recently discussed some of the recent trends – including more robust investor protections as well as the UK’s Future Fund – and how they may impact the future of growth equity.

Cameron L. Contizano 
David E. Johanson 
Adrian Rainey 
Meghan K. Spillane 
Sarah Axtell

Video and Resources


Five Emerging Trends in Growth Equity Deals

If you’d like to speak with our panelists, please contact Amanda Williamson.

July 16, 2020

Down Round Financings

In light of the recent market downturn, many companies may be required to raise money using “recaps” or “pay-to-plays.” Our recent webinar covered some of the key drivers, implications and considerations for these complicated “down round” financing transactions. Topics included structures, key terms and litigation considerations.

Joshua Cook 
Eric Piasta
William D. Collins 
Jordan D. Weiss

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Down Round Financings Presentation

Are You Down Round Ready?

If you’d like to speak with our panelists, please contact Saba Shakoori.

July 1, 2020

Take-Private Transactions

A “take private” is a transaction in which a publicly-traded company returns to private company status generally as a result of a sale to one or more financial buyers. As we wait to see if the economic recovery will be in the shape of a “U”, “V” or “W," we anticipate that there will be opportunities for acquiring public companies as the financing markets re-open.

Our recent webinar was aimed at getting ahead of the recovery curve as we discussed how to navigate take-private transactions from both the buy- and sell-side perspective. Our interdisciplinary, global M&A team provided a view inside the seller’s boardroom and also explored the related regulatory process, financing considerations, executive compensation matters, litigation risk and agreement terms.

Stuart M. Cable
Caroline H. Bullerjahn
Douglas Freeman
Lisa R. Haddad
John T. Haggerty
Lynda T. Galligan

Video and Resources


Take-Private Transactions: Ten Key Take-Aways

If you’d like to speak with our panelists, please contact Marisa Sandler.

June 24, 2020

Private Investment In Public Equity (“PIPE”) Transactions And Alternative Financings

In light of the recent global pandemic, Private Investment in Public Equity (“PIPE”) and at-the-market offerings have become increasingly popular financing transactions being utilized by companies across industries. Given the current market volatility, many companies are turning to these alternative financing techniques as a means of raising capital and accessing the global public markets. On Wednesday, June 24, our interdisciplinary team of Goodwin partners guided you through an introduction to alternative financing techniques while exploring the financing considerations, NASDAQ limitations and litigation risks associated with these transactions.

Michael D. Maline
Edwin M. O'Connor
Robert E. Puopolo
Caroline H. Bullerjahn



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The ongoing convergence of capital and innovation requires advisors who are fluent in both worlds. At Goodwin, we have a global team that we believe is unique in BigLaw—a team that is equally proficient in advising the innovators and the investors across the technology, life sciences, real estate, private equity and financial industries. Read more about the Goodwin Capital Markets practice.

If you’d like to speak with our panelists, please contact Marisa Sandler.

June 17, 2020

Successfully Navigating Distressed M&A Transactions

A challenging economic environment creates ever-increasing opportunities for identifying value-added transactions notwithstanding ongoing financial uncertainty. With distressed M&A activity on the rise, now is the time to target stressed or distressed companies and their assets. When the complexities and risks of distressed M&A transactions are properly navigated, outsized returns can be realized. Institutional and strategic purchasers of troubled companies and assets can manage the potential pitfalls of distressed M&A transactions, and realize the benefits from doing so, when best practices are followed.

On Wednesday, June 17, we shared our global perspective on distressed M&A activity in the current market. Our panelists from the United States, France and the UK discussed their experience, perspective and strategies for finding and harvesting value around the globe in companies confronting financial pressures.

Michael H. Goldstein
Joseph F. Bernardi, Jr.
Céline Domenget Morin
Simon Thomas
William P. Weintraub



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We have prepared some additional material for you to download. Goodwin’s team is ready to assist you and position you for success.

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Considering Distressed M&A

If you’d like to speak with our panelists, please contact Mandy Murphy.