Press Release November 02, 2007

Partner Marty Flynn Retires from Goodwin Procter

Our Business Law partner Martin J. Flynn is retiring from the firm after practicing law for more than 44 years.

Marty joined Shea & Gardner (which combined with Goodwin Procter in 2004) in 1963, after completing a U.S. Supreme Court Clerkship. He became the ninth lawyer at Shea & Gardner.

A corporate lawyer focused on the financial services industry, Marty has represented several high profile banks and financial institutions.

His work for National Cooperative Bank (NCB) is especially noteworthy. NCB is an entity established by Congress in 1978 to promote cooperative businesses (e.g., housing cooperatives, ACE hardware, grocers, etc.). Marty has served as NCB’s principal outside counsel for more than 25 years, playing a large role in the bank’s success and helping it grow. Perhaps most importantly, Marty provided the statutory interpretation of the bank’s charter statute that allowed it to use its incidental powers to acquire and operate its federal savings bank subsidiary – the entity that now generates most of NCB’s revenue. He has been recognized as an “Honored Cooperator” by the National Cooperative Business Association.

Marty’s work in recent years has also included representing technology joint ventures and start-up companies.

In addition to his wide ranging practice, Marty taught commercial law at the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University, and was a director for Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts and the Chelsea School.

In addition to other impressive and anonymous wordsmithing, Marty was a primary lyricist of the Shea & Gardner Fight Song, a humble ode “shrouded in the mists of history” and thought “lost to newer generations.” A recently unearthed copy is available here (with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein).

We wish Marty all the best in his retirement, and in recognizing his accomplishments on behalf of Shea & Gardner and Goodwin Procter.

Regina M. Pisa
Chairman + Managing Partner of Goodwin Procter LLP