Press Release January 02, 2009

Alumnus Steven Hadley Reflects on His Eight Years with the Bush Administration

Alumnus Steven Hadley, National Security Adviser to the Bush Administration, was recently featured in an article in The Washington Post which highlights his role in the Administration, along with that of White House Chief of Staff Joshua Bolten.

Hadley and Bolten are among a handful of senior staffers who entered the White House with Bush in 2001 and will exit with him on January 20th. As a result, they've had a very close view of the Bush Presidency over the past eight years. Both men paint an affectionate portrait of the President in their interview with The Washington Post, and voiced frustration over their inability to improve Bush's popularity and to counter the Administration's image of arrogance. In the article, they also rebut what they consider common misconceptions of the George W. Bush era.

As National Security Adviser, Steve Hadley supplied the low-key approach that Bush wanted during his years in the Oval Office. Hadley is an alumnus of the DC law firm of Shea & Gardner which merged with Goodwin Procter in October 2004.

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