Press Release July 29, 2010

Goodwin Procter Releases the 2009 Pro Bono Annual Report

The 2009 Pro Bono Annual Report highlights the various pro bono matters that Goodwin Procter handled last year – from our work with the Political Asylum/Immigration Representation project helping an individual from Guinea get asylum in the United States to working with small business owners and inner city entrepreneurs through the Neighborhood Business Initiative.

For the second consecutive year, the report will be primarily published and distributed in electronic format as part of the firm's continued efforts to "go green." In all, the report will go out to over 6,000 Goodwin alumni, pro bono clients and other firm clients and contacts.

In addition to exemplifying the firm's cutting edge pro bono work, the report also contains impressive pro bono statistics and a detailed list of awards and recognition received by Goodwin and individual attorneys for their efforts.

Goodwin first began producing these reports back in 2000, making this year's edition the tenth to be published. Each year, the report is made possible by members of our attorney teams, our Pro Bono Committee, various administrative staff members and the Marketing Department. Of course, there would be no report if it weren't for our pro bono clients. On just about every day of every year, there is some form of pro bono work going on at Goodwin. The Pro Bono Annual Report is a great resource, charting our involvement and growth in the pro bono arena, while showcasing our diverse pro bono clients.