In The Press August 02, 2022

Abortion Emerges As Social Issue In Law Firm ESG Practices (Law360)

Abortion has emerged as a thorny new matter for law firm environmental, social and governance practices as ESG attorneys help corporate clients navigate their responses after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the procedure as a constitutional right. "Anytime you're grappling with an issue that's new and where there aren't clear, defined lines, obviously you want your lawyer there, but also it's a time for exploration of what the company's core values are," said Delphine O'Rourke, a Women’s Health & Wellness and ESG & Impact partner at Goodwin. "Workforce is a key part of that ESG, and more and more companies are now seeing abortion and reproductive rights — which hasn't been a focus historically — as a workforce and economic issue, and access to abortion as a human capital risk," said O'Rourke. Read the Law360 article here.