Maureen Naughton

Maureen Naughton

Professional Staff Head of Sustainability and Special Projects
Maureen Naughton

Maureen Naughton joined Goodwin in 2015 as the Head of Sustainability and Special Projects. In 2018, Ms. Naughton took on an additional role leading Litigation Practice Management for the firm. In 2020, she was named the Chief Innovation Officer of the firm. In this role she helped facilitate an innovative culture at Goodwin and will focus on continuous improvement in people, processes, technology and data at the firm.

Prior to joining Goodwin, Ms. Naughton served as the Global Business and Operations Director of Legal and Compliance at BlackRock as well as the Americas Operations Officer for Legal and Compliance at Morgan Stanley. Ms. Naughton has over 15 years of legal operations experience covering all aspects of global administration and operations including headcount, expense and financial management, strategic planning, vendor management including outside counsel, professional development and talent management, business planning, operational risk, project management and process improvement, governance, cross functional and organizational alignment, technology as well as data management and analytics.

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