Alert March 04, 2008

SEC Announces 2008 CCOutreach Regional Seminars for Adviser and Fund Chief Compliance Officers

The SEC announced the schedule and beginning of registration for 25 CCOutreach regional seminars for registered fund and investment adviser chief compliance officers to be hosted by the various regional offices of the SEC.  The seminars will focus on the compliance deficiencies most frequently identified in examinations conducted during the past year, including deficiencies in the following strategic risk areas:

  • Advisers Act and 1940 Act Compliance Rules
  • Information Processing and Protection
  • Performance Advertising and Marketing
  • Personal Trading
  • Brokerage Arrangements and Execution;
  • Information Disclosures, Reporting and Filings
  • Portfolio Management
SEC examiners will discuss deficiencies in these areas, how examiners identify them, and corrective action taken by funds and advisers in response.  Some seminars will include a supplemental session focused on smaller and newly-registered investment advisers.