Alert August 03, 2010

SEC Invites Public Comment on SEC Rulemaking and Studies pursuant to Dodd-Frank Act and Announces Procedures for Meetings Between Interested Parties and SEC Staff

The SEC announced that it has established a page on its website designed to facilitate public comment in advance of formal action by the SEC on the various topics that will be the subject of SEC rulemaking and studies under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.  The SEC also announced that the SEC staff will follow new procedures when meeting with interested parties regarding SEC rulemaking, as follows:

“Staff will try to meet with any interested parties seeking a meeting. When the number of requests exceeds availability, the staff will seek out parties with varying viewpoints. Staff may have to limit the number of meetings with similarly situated parties and will limit multiple meetings with the same party.

Staff will reach out as necessary to solicit views from affected stakeholders who do not appear to be fully represented by the developing public record on a particular issue.

Staff will ask those who request meetings to provide, prior to the meeting, an agenda of intended topics for discussion. After the meeting, the agenda will become part of the public record.

Meeting participants will be encouraged to submit written comments to the public file, so that all interested parties have the opportunity to review and consider the views expressed.”