Alert September 13, 2011

FDIC Announces Investor Match Program to Increase Participation in Structured Sales Transactions

On September 7, 2011, the FDIC announced the launch of a new initiative aimed at encouraging small investors and asset managers to partner with larger investors to participate in the FDIC’s structured transaction sales of assets from failed institutions.  The initiative, called the Investor Match Program (“IMP”), allows smaller investors to use a customized database that identifies potential collaborators.  In particular, the FDIC said that the IMP is intended to expand opportunities for participation by minority and women‑owned (WMO) investors in FDIC structured sales transactions.  The IMP is also intended to transfer knowledge from larger investors and improve organizational competencies of smaller investors.

The FDIC noted that the IMP leverages technology to create an online networking platform where participants may identify potential partners and connect in a forum.  The IMP is part of a larger effort to expand outreach efforts with smaller investors.  To participate in the IMP, investors must be pre-qualified to bid in FDIC structured sales transactions.