Alert May 01, 2012

Publications and Events


"Issues to Consider Before Committing to Cloud Computing"
Mass Lawyers Weekly
April 23, 2012
Author: Robert S. Blasi

"Kids' Apps: Privacy Disclosures Are Not Child's Play"
April 5, 2012
Authors: Stephen G. Charkoudian, Jacqueline Klosek

"Mayo v. Prometheus: Supreme Court Reverses Federal Circuit Again"
New York Law Journal
March 28, 2012
Author: Parker H. Bagley

"For Trademark Licensors, Quality-Control Provisions Can Prove Risky"
National Law Journal
January 30, 2012
Author: Ira Levy

"Building Judicial Capital in Patent Adjudication"
New York Law Journal
January 25, 2012
Author: Parker H. Bagley

"Patents and the lessons learned from Web 2.0"
January 4, 2012
Author: Robert S. Blasi

"The ITC as an Indicator of China's Potential for Innovation"
IP Today
January 2012
Authors: Benjamin A. Keller, Charles H. Sanders and David T. Xue

"Preparing for changes under new America Invents Act"
New England In-House
December 7, 2011
Authors: Theresa C. Kavanaugh and Michael G. Strapp

Upcoming Events

Prometheus in the Post-Bilski Age: Patentable Subject Matter Under Continued Attack
May 1, 2012

This CLE webinar, hosted by Strafford Publications, will prepare patent counsel to argue patentability under 35 U.S.C. Section 101, discuss the impact of recent Federal Circuit and ITC decisions—including the Supreme Court's Prometheus ruling, and offer best practices for patent seekers to meet subject matter eligibility requirements. Steve Schreiner is a featured speaker.

Two Great Jurisdictions Divided By the Same Law?
May 8, 2012
New York, NY

The New York and London Commercial Litigators Forums will be hosting a panel discussion, Two Great Jurisdictions Divided By The Same Law? The panel will cover topics including the differences in English and U.S. approaches to key litigation issues (such as privilege and witness preparation) for practitioners. The panel will be chaired by David Hashmall. The guest of hono(u)r will be U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Allan L. Gropper.

Patent Infringement Claims and Opinions of Counsel: Leveraging Opinion Letters to Reduce the Risks of Liability and Enhanced Damages
May 16, 2012

Tom Scott will be a speaker for this CLE webinar on Patent Infringement Claims and Opinions of Counsel: Leveraging Opinion Letters to Reduce the Risks of Liability and Enhanced Damages. There will be two or three presenters, who will be followed by 20 minutes of live, interactive Q&A with the audience.

PLI's IP Monetization 2012: Maximize the Value of Your IP Assets
May 9, 2012
New York, NY

At IP Monetization 2012, organized by PLI, leading players from operating companies, investment firms and consulting firms will explain the latest IP monetization techniques, review key trends and developments, and discuss and analyze important recent transactions, as well as other market developments.  Additionally, attendees will learn the latest developments in IP valuation, and receive valuable practical insights from both in-house and IP marketplace participants who discuss their IP monetization experiences and strategies. Ira Levy will present the "Impact of the America Invents Act and Other Patent Law Developments on IP Monetization" session.

Computer World Open Source Business Conference
May 21-22, 2012
San Francisco, CA

This conference, hosted by Computer World, offers attendees the chance to connect with the developers, users and companies behind the most significant open-source Big Data technologies. Rob Blasi will lead the patent session.

PLI: Fundamentals of Patent Prosecution 2012: A Boot Camp for Claim Drafting & Amendment Writing
June 13, 2012
New York, NY

This program is directed to patent attorneys, litigation attorneys and patent agents with or without a Patent Office registration number, or with little patent experience. It will focus on teaching the basics of claim drafting and patent application preparation and prosecution, as well as a review of recent developments in the law. A litigator’s perspective will also be presented to show how drafting and prosecution can influence the development, and often the outcome, of subsequent patent litigation. The clinics offer a unique supplement to the kind of hands-on mentoring that senior attorneys are hard-pressed to provide to less-experienced attorneys and agents. Marta Delsignore will be a speaker on litigation issues.

PLI's Understanding Patent Law 2012
June 29, 2012
New York, NY

This is a basic patent program to help in-house counsel whose responsibilities include managing patent portfolios, patent litigation and patent licensing, especially for mid-size companies that don’t have full-time IP counsel and whose General Counsel must handle these issues. It will be of interest to corporate attorneys and business managers who need a basic overview of patent law for issue spotting in contexts such as board meetings and executive briefings, etc, as well as to general practitioners who encounter patents in their practices and litigators seeking to build patent litigation capabilities.  Non-attorneys seeking an introduction to patents will also benefit. Marta Gross, program chair, and Sarah Solomon will speak on patent strategies and transactions.