The scientists and researchers at Codiak BioSciences are seeking to revolutionize how diseases are treated. They have developed a novel platform technology that enables the company to design and manufacture exosomes – nature’s intercellular messengers – to potentially treat diseases that have been difficult or even impossible to treat with current therapeutics.

A fraction of the size of cells, exosomes are nano-scale vesicles that are naturally released and received by every cell in the human body. They act as a cellular communication system, delivering various molecules – including DNA, RNA, proteins and lipids – from cell to cell. The exosomes that Codiak is creating are unique in that they are engineered to have precise properties, incorporate various types of biologically active molecules, and can be directed to specific cell types and tissues.

Founded in 2015 and based in Cambridge, Mass., Codiak has been a Goodwin client and key partner since inception. 

The company utilizes its engEx™ Platform to engineer its exosomes. The company is building a broad pipeline of product candidates with the potential to have a transformative impact on the treatment of a broad spectrum of diseases with high unmet medical need. For instance, preclinical data for Codiak’s lead engEx™ Platform therapeutic candidates for cancer, exoIL-12™ and exoSTING™, showed the potential of Codiak’s precision-engineered exosomes to achieve superior anti-tumor efficacy compared to conventional therapeutic approaches.

“We believe our engEx Platform can fulfill the promise of exosomes, overcoming significant hurdles that have faced the therapeutic development of many promising pathways in the past,” said Douglas E. Williams, Ph.D., president and CEO of Codiak.