Internship Program

Our year-round GO! Beyond internship program provides up-and-coming professionals with the opportunity to alternate periods of academic study with an immersive internship at our firm. You will gain valuable experience, develop your professional skillset and build an excellent professional network.

Program Pillars

Our program is centered around four pillars that serve as stepping stones for a successful career.

Professional Development

We are committed to helping you leverage your strengths, find your passions and build your skills through curated programming and real-time work experience with your fellow co-ops and other members of the Goodwin community. 


We prioritize creating communal spaces to foster a sense of belonging for everyone, and we organize gatherings where you can get to know your peers. 


Powered by our entrepreneurial spirit, our days-of-service program empowers you to collaborate with peers outside of your daily responsibilities to make an impact in the communities in which we live and work.  


We encourage you to network within and outside of the Global Operations Team to build lasting relationships beyond your time at the firm


Throughout my time at Goodwin, I have had the opportunity to build connections and relationships within and outside of my team. I could not have picked a better place for my first co-op. Everyone at Goodwin is eager to help and are all dedicated to our learning and experience.
Michael Mancuso

Talent Acquisition Experience Co-op

My experience has been truly rewarding. Working with the Court Procedures team is one of the most amazing learning experiences I’ve had in college.
Emily Yixuan Qiao
Court Procedures Co-op
I came in knowing absolutely nothing about law firms and can say that I have a firm grasp on how they operate now. Every member has had an interesting and varying career: some were practicing lawyers, one was a consultant, one was a musician for a while, another a teacher. Learning from people with diverse experiences, skillsets, and work styles has been extremely helpful to me as a young professional. My time at Goodwin has provided me the opportunity to grow into a more confident professional.
Miranda Rodea
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Co-op

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