Learning and Professional Development

Our Learning and Professional Development team is committed to helping the members of our community maximize their potential, find professional fulfillment and disrupt hidden barriers to success.

By the Numbers

In-house training sessions annually, including 200+ that are CLE-eligible and 100+ that are run by individual practices
$6.5 Million
Invested each year in learning and professional development, including hiring full-time professionals who help ensure organizational success
Hours of web courses, live and on-demand seminars through Practising Law Institute, Hotshot, Strafford, and other organizations

Programming and Approach

We design and implement research-backed learning and professional development programs that focus on efficiency, business skills, collaboration and much more.

Onboarding grounds you in our culture and strategy. Programming includes summer associate deposition skills, first-year orientations, plenty of interactive learning modules, and more.

Continue learning throughout your time with us. Programming includes industry and practice trainings, writing and communications skills courses, deposition skills workshops, trial trainings, decision-making and strategy challenges, and more.

Together with Harvard Business School and Law School faculty, we deliver leadership training at critical junctures in your career:

  • The Developing Your Path program helps mid-level associates proactively approach career development and work effectively as managers of people and projects.
  • The Transition to Leadership program helps fifth-year associates develop leadership styles and understanding of firm strategy in preparation for elevation to counsel or partner roles.
  • The Advanced Leadership program helps newly elected partners strengthen their project management, client development and team leadership skills, and broaden their understanding of professional service firms, innovation and organizational development.
  • The Executive Leadership program helps partners prepare for leadership roles through executive leadership programs at Harvard Business School, Harvard Law School and Stanford Law School.

We understand the importance of career flexibility. That is why we offer multiple career paths, including both a partner track and a professional track option. The latter allows you to elect into positions that better match your practice area, clients and professional goals.

Mentorship is an essential and mutually beneficial part of your career development, whether you are a mentee or a mentor, or both. We create opportunities for mentoring relationships through interactive staffing protocols, formal mentoring relationships for all, hands-on training programs, retreats and meetings, and more.

Professional development comes from both learning in your daily work and formal learning opportunities. For the latter, we have put in place plenty of development, coaching, and other innovative programs, including the Global Rotation Program, which offers senior associates and counsel an opportunity to visit offices outside of their home country for an extended period.

We encourage everyone in our community to fully participate in formal evaluations, ongoing informal feedback and biennial firmwide upward feedback surveys on partners and counsel.

Difference Makers

Hear from our lawyers about how the power of mentorship and a culture of giving back, having candid conversations and fostering strong relationships has helped shape their professional journeys.

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