Goodwin Alumni Week

At Goodwin, we celebrate and support the continued success of our alumni.

Goodwin Alumni Week

Our annual Goodwin Alumni Week is specifically dedicated to "shining the spotlight” on our alumni program and the people who have made our firm successful. Through Goodwin Alumni Week and other year-round initiatives, we strive to amplify, build, and connect our extensive alumni network to foster lifelong connections between Goodwin alumni and current employees.

Explore our hub to view Goodwin Alumni Week happenings and see how our alumni network stays connected to the firm and each other.

Goodwin Alumni Community Portal

Join the Goodwin Alumni Community portal to connect with current and former colleagues, browse exciting job opportunities across numerous industries, and learn about firm news, events and programs, along with programming specifically designed and created for alumni.


Have you ever wondered what some of the biggest differences — and even similarities — are between working at a law firm like Goodwin and practicing law at a company? See what our alumni have to say.

I loved what I was doing and who I was working with at [Goodwin], but I was approached with the opportunity to go in-house, and I thought that, for me and my personality, in-house would be a good fit. I like being involved in deals from the initial stages through consummation and integration. On a macro level, I enjoy being part of the business, developing relationships throughout the organization and helping the company achieve its strategic goals and objectives.
Michael Heistein
Senior Vice President and Corporate Compliance Officer of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
In terms of coming back to Goodwin, I always kept in touch with people. That is my biggest advice – keep in touch with people you like and enjoy working with. Make sure you maintain relationships, especially with good bosses. You do not want to lose touch with them. Networks are really important and they could help you pursue an opportunity that becomes relevant to you in a way you never could have guessed.
Danielle Reyes
Partner, Goodwin
One of the things that we talk a lot about internally here is the balance between the important and the urgent. The important are the long-range, dedicated matters; the things that are going to define the course of history for the family and for our investment program. And then there is the urgent – any type of need that bubbles up on a daily basis, and which can be more of the fire drill variety. We always need to keep an eye on that and make sure that we are moving the important forward at the same time that we are managing the urgent.
Jay Sullivan
General Counsel at Sutton Place Investments

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