Case Study
March 31, 2020

Tailoring Telehealth

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues and healthcare providers are faced with unprecedented challenges, Paubox has developed a solution for physicians to deliver tailored COVID-19 information broadly to patients and facilitate a historic transition to telehealth services. 

Paubox has developed Paubox Marketing, a HIPAA-compliant email marketing solution allowing doctors and physician groups to send tailored recommendations to patients based on their age, if they are pregnant, where they live, or any other criteria with specific information rather than generic advice which may not be as effective.

With the flurry of misinformation around COVID-19 spreading online almost as quickly as the virus itself, it’s more critical than ever for patients to understand what is really happening and how they should respond. Medical professionals need to transmit accurate information to help patients protect themselves and their families. If the CDC’s recommended precautions change, doctors can immediately let patients know how it affects them based on their segment.

Paubox has assembled a collection of examples from customers about how they are using Paubox products to communicate with their patients and partners about COVID-19. With Paubox Marketing, patients receive personally tailored coronavirus recommendations directly to their inboxes. They do not have to log into a cumbersome patient portal with a one-time passcode, which creates friction and drastically decreases the likelihood that they will read your email.

From educating the public about COVID-19, to integrating the tool into their pre-screening processes, Paubox Marketing customers are using the tool to expedite their rapid transition to providing the new and expanded telehealth services that the coronavirus pandemic requires of today’s healthcare providers. 

“In times of emergency, being able to communicate with patients about best options can become critical,” Paubox says. “But secure patient outreach can be much more manageable with Paubox Marketing and help you keep your patients safe and improve their health outcomes.”

Paubox At A Glance

  • Private company
  • Founded in 2015
  • Headquartered in San Francisco
  • 18 employees
  • Goodwin client since 2017