February 6, 2007

Financial Services Alert - February 6, 2007

  • First Circuit Court of Appeals Reverses Certification of Class Seeking Rescission in TILA Action
  • FDIC Board Extends Moratorium on ILCs Owned by Commercial Firms
  • FDIC Issues Proposed Rules Applicable to Certain Parents of Industrial Loan Companies
  • DOL Provides Guidance on Participant Investment Advice
  • California Court of Appeal Reverses Trial Court Decision in Suit Brought By California Attorney General Against Mutual Fund Distributor and Adviser Over Revenue Sharing Disclosures
  • SEC Proposes Rules for NRSRO Registration, Reporting and Oversight
  • SEC Votes to Propose Voluntary Data Tagging of Risk/Return Summary Information in Mutual Fund Prospectus Filings
  • SEC Staff Grants No-Action Relief for Rule 22c-2 Agreements that Allow Foreign Intermediaries to Provide Unique Identification Numbers in Lieu of Government Issued Identifiers When Providing Information on Underlying Fund Shareholders