July 17, 2007

Financial Services Alert - July 17, 2007

  • S&P Proposes Enhanced Basel II Pillar 3 Disclosures
  • SEC Votes to Adopt Antifraud Rule under Investment Advisers Act Directed at Advisers to Pooled Investment Vehicles
  • GAO Issues Report on Pension Consultant Conflicts
  • OCIE Issues First ComplianceAlert to CCOs Outlining Recent Examination Deficiencies and Weaknesses
  • OCC Proposes Rule Amendments Designed to Reduce National Bank Regulatory Burdens
  • Agencies Issue Proposed Revisions to CRA Q&As
  • SEC Approves Voluntary Data Tagging of Risk/Return Summary Information in Mutual Fund Prospectus Filings
  • US Basel II:  The Discussion/Debate Continues