June 1, 2017

11th Annual Directors Forum Video: Locking in on the Right Target

The theme of the 2017 Directors Forum, “Not Your Father’s Boardroom,” was a direct nod to the evolving landscape of boardrooms. Held on June 1st in Boston, the event gave public company directors a chance to engage on these developments and discuss the implications for their boards’ agendas. For the second year running, Goodwin partners and Forum co-directors Stuart Cable and Lisa Haddad introduced a number of “game show” simulations in which groups of attendees formed mock boards to deliberate real-world governance challenges in an interactive setting. Called the “Emoji Challenge,” the interactive and hands-on nature of these discussions has been a core feature of the Director’s Forum since its first run 11 years ago. In the many years we have been advising public company boards, we have found there is no substitute for shared experiences.