June 12, 2018

12th Annual Directors Forum Video – Governance Grab Bag: Social Studies

The focus of Goodwin’s 12th Annual Directors Forum, held in Boston on June 12, 2018, was to “Do the Right Thing” for the Board of Directors’ company and its shareholders. Unfortunately, applying this principle in today’s boardroom is far from simple. At our 2018 Forum12 annual Directors Forum, held on June 12, 2018 in Boston, we explored the complexities of doing the right thing through a series of role plays and other interactive sessions. Goodwin partners and Forum co-directors Stuart Cable and Lisa Haddad introduced a number of “game show” simulations in which groups of attendees formed mock boards to deliberate real-world governance challenges in an interactive setting. This interactive and hands-on nature of the discussions has been a core feature of the Directors Forum since its first run 12 years ago. In the many years we have been advising public company boards, we have found there is no substitute for shared experiences.