Avoiding Antitrust Pitfalls: Practical Pointers for Public Companies

July 24, 2024


Goodwin partners Rob Masella and Arman Oruc will be hosting the webinar, "Avoiding Antitrust Pitfalls: Practical Pointers for Public Companies." The webinar will focus on public companies engaging in mergers, acquisitions, collaborations, and other transactions and how they may trigger regulatory review under antitrust laws. To avoid any pitfalls, Goodwin’s Public M&A and Antitrust team will share practical pointers on what to be aware of when preparing for board meetings, how to prevent misstatements and misrepresentations, what types of information and transactions require notification to the antitrust agencies, as well as how the agencies will analyze it under the antitrust laws. It will also provide important updates on US antitrust enforcement agencies increased scrutiny of M&A activity and tips to help avoid antitrust risks.