In the Press
August 14, 2023

Cyber-Attacks and Data Protection Worries Loom Large (Commercial Dispute Resolution)


Major threats that experts warn about in the data protection and cybersecurity sphere include ransomware, human error and malicious corporate actors. Many law firms practices have evolved to include C-suite executives and corporate leadership into the cyber security process, in order to assist by mitigating human fallibility as the potential weak link in the company chain. Jud Welle, Data, Privacy and Cybersecurity partner, tells CDR: “One of the things we also end up doing is, because there's this dawning awakening that more folks in organisations need to be concerned about cyber risk, to include members of the C-suite and the board of directors, we find ourselves in the role of explaining these concepts. We do board presentations and senior leadership educational briefings just to make sure that they feel more comfortable exercising the oversight that they need to help keep their companies on track.”