In the Press
September 12, 2023

Hyppo, the Proptech That Wants to Make Real Estate “Liquid” (Les Echos)

Popular in the United Kingdom, Germany and even the Benelux, “equity release” still remains very confidential in encompasses various financial mechanisms to allow property owners to release part of the cash from their assets. Hyppo, a start-up broker, indicates that “almost 400 files are under investigation”, 80% of which concern a mortgage cash loan (PTH). This allows you to put real estate as collateral. The context of a sudden rise in rates appears to be a boon because it creates an appetite for alternative financing solutions. But it is also challenging, as it puts a brake on clients’ investment projects. "These mortgages are not inconsequential tools...we must consider the risk of non-repayment in the event of a mortgage on a main residence," said Sarah Fleury, Real Estate partner, to Les Echos.