Speaking Engagements September 03, 2015
Goodwin Procter conference center
Exchange Place
Boston, MA

The Captial Network (TCN): Founder Equity Issues: Structuring Founder Relationships, Stockholder Agreements and Choice of Entity

Navigating the legal and operational set up of a startup company can be complicated – not to mention expensive – and is a daunting yet essential task for any startup.

You MUST approach your early structuring with the long-term outcome of your company in mind. The seemingly small early decisions you make will determine the way in which your company grows in the future.

Join us for a look at the ins and outs of setting up and structuring your basic company. We’ll walk through how to decide founders shares, set up a board of directors, and other key components that you have to think about from the beginning to save yourself time and trouble later. You are putting your blood, sweat and tears into your company – don’t let mistakes early on become a barrier to success.