Speaking Engagements October 06, 2017 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
HSBC Conference Center
452 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY

6th Annual Conference Managing Law Firm Profitability, Pricing and Compensation

The “conversation” between firms and clients moves forward at this year’s meeting in a climate of rapid change and urgency as clients seize the spotlight. All firms must consider their options and opportunities and devise new action plans to ready themselves for challenges ahead. 

Clients have yet to agree on a uniform formula for how they will judge law firm value propositions; but it is becoming clear that dollar calculations are only the beginning as the clients examine worth of the services. The equation may include experience, expertise, resources, culture, sharing risk, importance of matter to the client, and prior relationships. The value proposition must include all these factors and be collaborative. Predictability in budgeting is more important than ever. In short, the firm’s goal of winning business has only gotten more complicated as our speakers will explain. 

Mike Caplan, the firm’s chief operating officer, will serve as a speaker on this panel.